A new year provides the opportunity for a fresh start. Perhaps it's a new workout plan, a healthier eating regimen or more time with the kids.

A report projecting trends for 2015 shares opportunities to consider in the new year:

  1. This year the 1st wave of generation X turns 50- a study shows that this group feels lost in the middle between baby boomers and millennials but prove to be a great target for business who are hiring.
    • If you are in this group consider rolling over your previous employer 401(k) to an IRA to help ensure your money is working hard for you. Also work with an advisor to make suitable selections in your new employer 401(k) plan.
  2. Shrinking hemlines-historically, the better the economy the shorter a woman's hemline, this was done to show off expensive hosiery.
    • While an interesting fact, today women's hemlines are not a direct indication of economic health.
  3. Abbreviated wardrobes-traditionally there are three categories of clothing: home, work, and athletic. Today, there is one category winning out: athletic wear. Even formal wear is being substituted with companies like Rent The Runway so special occasion formal wear does not need to be purchased.
    • On January 5th, Coach announced plans to buy Stewart Weitzman ultimately expanding their fashion footprint. While wardrobes are abbreviated accessories are on the rise!
  4. Wearables-tracking devices for health apps and other activities are more and more common.
    • Companies like Apple, Nike, and Fitbit are leading the charge on wearables.
Whether or not you are following these trends, a new year provides 365 more days to ensure that you are working toward your goals. Make sure your financial health makes the list too!

Caroline Hill, Financial Advisor


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